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Closed Captions were added by mycasinoindex team. Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Hi, comrade I want to know The machine I just put money in Why can’t I get a drink? 0.05 Yuan RMB?

You want to buy a drink with 0.05 Yuan? Ha… You’re a big idiot Ha… Man, you can cry cry and cry, it’s not your sin A extremely strong man also has the right to be tired Nine Character Nine Bamboo Ah! Damm it! My half-sister’s second husband’s child will come today I forgot to pick her up Who’s her?

Simply She’s my niece. You win and you want to leave It was your uncle’s son’s classmate’s aunt last time It’s your half-sister’s second husband’s child this time Do you have any moral standing? What do you want? Who dares leave this mahjong table today Don’t blame my–Pork Rong’s madness Also I’m not a fool of fame of Big Auntie Sanxiaogou Big Auntie!

Get out! Hey..I’ll leave right now Shit Written by: He Jiawei, Xue Shao Directed by: Xue Shao Queen of Gamblers Wow Big auntie is awesome She owns such a big mall! 3838344438 Hello, Big Auntie Hello, Beauty I’m in front of your mall Why haven’t you pick me up till now? Where are you? I’m in Yintai City Wrong Ah? Yintai general merchandise Yintai general merchandise?

Beauty Big Auntie Seems to have seen you in a dream before I am very excited Put aside the world’s affairs and cut off hatred and injustice Concomitant to the horizon The desert is boundless by the grass/ The cold wind blew the clear sky Where the snow and frost flutters and rattan tree connected Shoot a large with a bow and ride a horse out of a cork/ The wind and sand are vast Smile, pride, no boredom/ Two tangled vine trees Ah! Sing what? sing?

You want to kill me? Sorry, sorry We’re so excited See, what are you like? 3/10 like a man, 7/10 like a ghost Even with a Smart hair style I thought it was intentional popularity Garbage popularity Wear it again? Take it off!

You guys come from the countryside Love to pretend Being like this in the village Even being like this in the city Look at the lipstick on your mouth It’s like two sausages hanging on your mouth Your mother named you when you’re a child Every name is okay But named you Real Beauty And you don’t look yourself in the mirror There There’s a lighter in the tea canister I don’t think you should take your father’s last name You should take your mother’s, and named Fake Beauty You can see it through things? I can see it as long as I want to What color is my underwear? You’re not wearing underwear Ah What is these card?

mah-jong What’s kind of mah-jong? Playing mah-jong What’s the card I’m covering? Four chickens on the left Four pancakes on the right In the middle is Three Mimi in the middle Fuck, so magical Beauty Ah You should come early You will become a village girl for the rest of your life if stay in the village Eh In this city, as long as you work hard You can get everything Eh What’s your quality? Pick it up You think you are in the village? Oh, Beauty Eh You said when you were 8 After a serious illness You have this power? Yeap We’re making a fortune What happened, Big Auntie?

What about you using this power on gambling technique Can we not make a fortune? Really? Don’t call me Big Auntie outside any more Then what do I call you, Big Auntie? Call me elder cousin Okay, Big Auntie A lot of people in city like to gamble There are probably the following kinds Mah-jong Pai Gow Poker Dice Wow Then…How about gamecock? Gamecock? The prostitute in the city are making money How can they play with you?

Making money? Oops, Big Auntie After my careful teaching over the past few days Though you’re not proficient You’re skilled Which cards can these card win? East/ South/ west/ North/ Red/ Green/ White Dragon With 1 Bamboo or 1 Character or 1 Cake Eighteen Arhats Cough… Eighteen Arhats?

Ooops, of course I know the 13 orphans I’m kidding you Don’t you feel happy, Big Auntie? Eh? Don’t call me Big Auntie Call me elder cousin Big big big, make a big bet Big big big Big big big Oh, win Pay, pay So cool Beauty, have a smoke Great, great I’ve never won so much money. Do you want to continue?

I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you Beauty, bet big or small? 4,5,6 big Big big big Open Open open open Big big big Wow! Big Auntie is great Pay, pay Quickly, quickly, quickly Go on, go on We have to make a lot of money tonight I don’t believe it’s Big again Things have been going well lately All the casinos in the mainland are under control What’s bothering me lately is Next week’s shipment in Southeast Asia Ghost Boy The purity of this shipment is very high And the cops have been watching very closely This shipment must not go wrong Don’t worry, Master Wei I’ve already contacted Five in Southeast Asia This time We are carrying the goods in a smuggling manner Cops never dreamed we’d do this The so-called black under the lamp It was taught by you Good Among the brothers I think you and Aren are the best I know You young guys also want to be the leader Complete the mission successfully this time Finish this mission You’ll be the Big brother, Ah?

Don’t worry, Master Wei Brother Aren take care of the casino This shipment is already under my control Just like the lighter in my hand It will not extinguish Until I let it go I’ve had the message sent to the cops Said there was a shipment coming in from sea recently Right now, all the cops are at sea When they react, This shipment It’s already in your warehouse Ha ha ha…. 1,2,3 Small Bet samll Small, small, small Small, small, small Wow, win! Pay, pay I am yours Pay, pay What happened? So many people around a table Said, it’s Big Auntie’s half-sister’s second husband’s child Just came from the village Won ten times in a row The dealer is going to lose his shirt You’re here to watch I’ll tell Aren brother Okay What are you doing? Where’s Master Wei? He is talking about business in the room Stop Are you blind? Me–Brother Aren You stop me Who’s Aren?

I only know Master Wei Hi, do you have any cigarettes? I don’t smoke this kind of cigarette Then Buy me five yuan Hongta Mountain smoke And the change is for you Okay, Aren brother Ha ha ha… Bah I have arranged this line for two years Cops won’t think about it even in dream Drug trading point they find for a long time Is exactly under their eyes Bah, is in the underground warehouse of my casino Bah… So, an old ox makes a straight furrow They are too young to play tricks with you Who? Hello? What?

How can this happened? Well, I see I’ll go there later Okay Master Wei Aren How long have you been here? Why don’t you come in? I just got here I want to talk to you about the casino operation next month The guy called and said Two strange person came to the casino Dice Won more than ten times in a row The dealer can no longer bear it What’s interesting is These two person Are women There’s something like this? There’s such a strange thing in the world Go Now take me to see these two strange women Oh…leave… Can I buy food with this?

Of course You can buy a lot,and you can buy everything Really? We will come here tomorrow Wait for a moment, please I heard you Won ten times with the dice So great Since the casino has been opened, It never happened things like this Come on It’s a 20,000 Yuan chip Our boss reward you Here you are By the way Our boss want to make friends with you Okay? Beauty, there’s no pie falling from the sky Besides, there are so many handsome guys Stop being paranoid And now Out of thirty-six plans, the best is to get away at once Let’s go Mhn, well Wait for a moment I’m the boss When I free, I’d also like to play with master-hand I like the feeling of neglecting losing or winning in gambling very much Today we meet is also a kind of fate Then I’ll compare gambling with this girl Okay?

No Why should we listen to you? Moreover, Beauty Not as rich as you are If Beauty loses What can she give to you Don’t worry about this Today’s Gambling It’s just that we learn from each other Then If this girl win You can take all the chips off the table If she loses, you can leave without paying Regard it as my tuition fee How about it? Isn’t it fair? Emm…Beauty Since Master Wei He wants to see your gambling skills Nor do we suffer How about gamble with them?

We’re not losing money anyway We’ll be rich if you win This beauty As I said just now, Since our casino opened, We haven’t met a amazing person like you We all want to see your amazing gambling skills Since Grand Master promised you He won’t break his promise Don’t worry Well, it’s a deal Okay You are indeed a heroine among women, come on Wait I have one more request You can ask for anything you want If I win you I want him to accompany me to dinner and movies Ah Aren, You gamble on behalf of me withthis girl I trust your gamble skills Now is the world of your young people Remember, do not intentionally let her win Ha ha ha… That’s great How about… raising the stakes? Well, how will we bet? If you win, I will be yours If I win You will be mine Okay? Let’s talk about it after you win You played the dice and won more than ten times So we’ll play dice in the first round Okay, I agree Girl Big or small?

You… Why are you silent? Big or small? What’s wrong, Beauty? He got the three together I can only see the above one But I can’t see the following This time it’s just a matter of luck. Why are you silent, girl?

Big or small? 4,5,6, Big 7, Small Let’s go on Go on Girl, Big or small? Big Sorry 1,2, 3. 6 is small Girl, let me remind you You have three more chances If you lose one more, I’ll win It seems unlikely for you to eat, go shopping and watch movies with me Take it easy I let you win intentionally I’m afraid you’ll lose and cry Go on I’m serious now Well Come on Girl Big or small? Why do you look at me? Do I have an answer on my face?

Big or small? 1,2,3 Small Maybe it’s just luck Well,two more chances Double 6 and one 1, Big Three 6, Big Yes, perfect You are so great Brilliant You are a miracle indeed Oh, you seem to be able to see through my dice? Well, I lost in the first round The second round, Let’s play Pai Gow I am okay It’s up to you Girl, there’re are 32 Pai Gow You take 4 and I take 4 to compare whose Pai is bigger All right Ladies first, you can take first Are you sure I take it first? You first, please Then I wouldn’t wait I’m okay It’s your turn No The biggest one has been taken away by you I have no chance to win Right? The second round I win Next comes the third round.

That’s okay, Aren You battled three rounds And you’ve lost two round There is no need to continue Your gambling skills are so brilliant Can you tell me your name? My name is Real Beauty You can call me Beauty Re..Rea…Real? Real Beauty?

Do you think I’m not beautiful enough? No no no You’ve misunderstood me You are exactly what you are named You are very beautiful That’s better Well Aren To betting to bear Your task now is to accompany Miss Beauty to dinner Shopping and watching movies Wonderful Okay Mater Wei, it’s really strange You will gamble with Inoue Yuji next month If this girl helps us, You’re sure to win that old guy Eh If she helps us, It’s not hard to win Inoue Yuji The key is whether she wants to come or not But I just saw this stinky girl She seems to like Aren very much Do you know what to do? Yes, Master Wei I see Report to me anything happened as soon as possible Why do you look at me like this?

You’re Aren? Ren means benevolence? Yes Any questions?

I think our names match well Both benevolence and beauty You don’t have to look at me like that, even if it’s a good match Hey, think of you in the casino just now Can see through Dice and Pai Gow I feel uncomfortable all over So you have to listen to me obediently Otherwise I’ll look at you all over Miss Beauty Then shall we go to dinner Go shopping Or watch movies? Whatever, all these needs to be done Do one by one in order Well What would you like to order? Eat what? I want to eat garlic Bacon Sorry, there is no such dish You can have this dish There’s really no such dish Do you have bacon here?

Yes How about garlic? Yes, we have Then why don’t you have garlic Bacon? Sorry, we don’t cook this dish Rawr… you… Well, that’s okay All right I’d like to have spaghetti And Curry foie gras Oh A bottle of Rafi in 82 years That’s Okay Okay, wait some minutes Is this a fancy restaurant? There’s even not have garlic bacon here This is a Western restaurant And they don’t cook Chinese food If you want to eat, I’ll cook it for you later Really? That’s what you said Don’t cheat me I dare not Aren Aren’t you happy with me these time?

How can it be, foolish girl I’m very happy Then how do I feel you’re in a heavy mood? Is there anything wrong? You can share with me Beauty Do you think I’m a good person?

Do you trust me? Of course Why do you ask me that so suddenly? I want to tell you a secret But you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone Otherwise, we would be in danger Eh, okay, I promise you What’s the secret? I am a policeman I’ve been an undercover for two years Gosh! This… Two years ago, The International Police Organization Found the Southeast Asian Drug Trafficking Group Relying on underworld relations Products drugs unscrupulously And sales to the mainland They also set their sights on Zhang Wei—-the domestic casino tycoon They suspected that Zhang Wei makes money from casinos on the surface Actually, drug dealing is going on behind the scenes Leadership arranged me to approach Zhang Wei To find evidence of their drug trafficking Have you found any evidence?

Only a little will be okay Zhang Wei is a meticulous man With great suspicion In the past two years He never let me get involved in his drug business But On the very day you appeared in the casino I’m sure He’s another partner in the Southeast Asian Drug Trafficking Network Then what are you waiting for now? Hurry up and catch him That’s not so easy To bring him to justice, we must catch him together with the loot According to Interpol, There will be a shipment from Southeast Asia to China next Wednesday I don’t know their specific mode of transportation yet But I’m sure that Their trading place Is in Zhang Wei’s underground warehouse. That asshole More coincidentally, Next Wednesday Is the confrontation day of Zhang Wei and Japan’s first gambler Inoue Yuji Two years ago Zhang Wei once lost 80 million to Inoue Yuji And they made an appointment, after two years It is next Wednesday They’ll gamble again In the past two years, He has an unsettled mind with it And practices gambling skills hardly But no matter how hard he practices He still can’t compete with Inoue Their stakes have risen by 100 million this time So, Beauty I was worried about you What did you say? 100 millions? These two guys have carbon dioxide in their brains?

100 millions… If I have 100 millions, I’ll go home and build a shopping mall as big as Yintai And open two more hotels To be a happy upstart How happy that is! Oh, by the way You just said you are worried about me What does this matter to me? Zhang Wei knows he can’t compete with Inoue Yuji Your appearance Gives him hope For unless I miss my guess Zhang Wei will use various means to let you help him to win the gamble But these people Are extremely cruel and merciless They can do anything All in all You must remember not to grant them any requests I don’t want you to step into this circle Too dangerous So you care so much about me? Okay, I promise you I must be far from that bastard Take it easy I’ll let others protect you, too Well Oh Emm… Aren Do your undercover all have to call this name ?

The undercover in Infernal Affairs is also called Aren Does the undercover all have to call this name Hey Shit, dead undercover How can you dare to betray me? Beauty Eh Here we are I won’t go in with you Zhang Wei is not in the casino tonight He goes out and have fun himself I’ll seize the opportunity to look for clues Okay, but you must be careful Take it easy, I’m okay I’ll pick you up for lunch tomorrow noon Eh Oh, I’ve know you like eat Garlic Bacon Yes, yes I’ll cook it for you tomorrow Really? Eh Aren You’re so kind That’s a deal I’ll wait for you tomorrow Okay Hey Big Auntie Big Auntie What are you going out of bed so late?

Well, I’ll go to bed Aren brother, I can see you Emm…you can see me It’s good you can see Will you ask me to buy you five yuan Hongta Mountain smoke again? Oh, yeah yeah yeah Hongta Mountain smoke Don’t dig your pockets, Aren brother I won’t go this time Oh ,you won’t go this time Well, well Oh, Master Wei is not here tonight There comes some new people Now you go down and take care of them Go But It’s time to gamble with Inoue Yuji soon If anything goes wrong in the process How many lives do you have to pay for it? Eh What? Aren brother, I decide To buy you five yuan Hongta Mountain smoke again Okay, Hongta Mountain smoke Go, Hongta mountain Yes, Aren brother Ha ha ha Aren Why are you come here this time? What are you looking for?

Oh, Eh I should call you Ren Sir now Ha ha ha Oh, Ren Sir You just spread words to that stinky girl to collect evidence To bring us to justice You followed me Followed you? How about following you up? Hhhh It’s me who asked him to follow you You can have a try Is your card fast Or my gun fast? This guy still has useful value There are four days left for your gamble with Inoue Yuji Then put pressure on him With him, we’re not afraid that stinky girl won’t help you Eh, that’s good But it is a time bomb to leaving a cop around Let’s have some photos of him And show to the stinky girl And then We can kill him immediately Do it deftly Ugh Don’t worry, Master Wei Today in next year is his death anniversary Emm, well Master Wei Where did you buy this? Can it act with power? It works well in night With great power Bah Master Wei, wait…

I want it… Aren brother Do not blame me today I can’t buy you Hongta Mountain smoke any more Master Wei ordered To kill you today Aren Beauty What’s up? I dreamed Aren Gosh You call Aren early in the morning Don’t you let other people sleep Spring dream without trace, aren’t you? Wicked girl! Who? Knock at the door so early Knock, knock, knock what? Are you in a hurry to be reincarnated?

He’s Aren Big Auntie Did Aren knock at the door just now? Who is Aren or Ah Ghost? There’s nobady Butt there’s a letter What’s letter To Beauty My letter Let me see Isn’t this the stinky boy? What happen to him?

Girl It’s easy to save him Gamble for me next Wednesday As long you win the old guy I’ll let your beloved man free I’ll give you 20 million more for the rest of your life Otherwise Ugh Today in next year, you’re going to sweep his grave You should think it over Zhang Wei, this bastar I didn’t expect him to be so mean No I have to promise him Otherwise Aren would be in danger Alas Beauty You should think it over again Master Wei’s group Are not easy to mess with Their group Are extremely cruel and merciless They dare to do anything they want to So what? Aren, this stinky guy We don’t know if he’s alive or dead Let’s not go through this mess Life is important This way You peace yourself firstly Go and change your clothes I’ll bring you And Pork Rong To play mah-jong To let them lose all their money Ha ha ha ha … Play mah-jong? In this case, how can you play mah-jong? We don’t know if Aren is alive or dead How can you tell me to play mah-jong?

You like Pork Rong so much, right? Why don’t you marry him? Pork Rong?

He’s also good Ah, Beauty Beauty You and your dead daddy Have the same temper Smelly and long You say Your mother entrusted you to me If anything goes wrong with you, How can I explain to her? Big Auntie From my young to older No man has ever treated me sincerely Aren treats me so well Now He’s in danger How can I do nothing to save him from danger? If I can’t stay with my beloved person Even let me to be the Emperor, I won’t be happy How? Are you scared?

I’m scared? What storms and waves I –Big Auntie don’t see before? I’m scared? Well Since you’ve decide, I’ll stay with you Okay That’s a deal I don’t force you Anyway, I’ve enjoyed my life before Maybe Luck is on our side It’s not important to save Aren What matters is 20 million RMB 20 million RMB Ha ha ha ha … 20 million RMB…

I’m sleepy 20 million RMB I go to bed Ah 20 million RMB.. Mr. Inoue The day after tomorrow is the gambling game with Chinese Zhang Wei All the preparations have been made We can go now Well done Let’s go Yes Come in Master Wei Everything is ready Southeast Asia’s shipment and gambling will go on simultaneously on the day after tomorrow Once the gambling is over All shipments will be received This gamble is not just a billion dollars. Who lost Who need to Hand over Drug Trading Rights in Southeast Asia The stinky old man Also knows that Everything is ready But the east wind Oh That stinky girl Will she help me with the gamble Oh. Master Wei I forgot to tell you That stinky girl I don’t know when she come She gave this notes to our brother Here you are Take good care of Aren If he’s not good, I’ll never let you go What’s more Get those 20 million ready Ha ha ha ha It seems that This stinky girl loves that cop very much Well Once the gamble is over We will send you to meet your lover Beauty Tell me the reason After Aren’s accident I lost my super power I can see through nothing now How to do it? Tomorrow is the day to gamble With that Japanese man Inoue Yuji What should I do?

Beauty Do you miss Aren? Look Aren is here Here Look You have a try Ha ha ha ha … Ha ha ha ha … Ghost brother Long time no see How are you, Mater Wei? I’m fine Thank you You’re not being tracked, are you?

We have worked together so many times You still don’t trust me? But Darkness under the lamp is a smart trick you play with On the road Smuggled cars are safe There’s no cops on the road Ha ha ha … This time is different The gamble prepared for two years Will start right now There’s a sentence that Master Wei usually says Caution is the parent of safety Well, I’m not talking too much Inspection first The goods this time Is the best goods throughout history The goods are very good Ten million, you count it That’s OK I trust in Master Wei I hope this cooperation will be a pleasant one Go upstairs and watch a good play Wait Pork Rong I still think it’s too dangerous here. You leave first I…

Although I was’t born on the same day as you in the same year and month But I can die on the same day as you in the same year and month. Big Auntie Get away I… I’ll leave right now Big Auntie I think Pork Rong is a good man Get away You’re coming Beauty It depends on your power today Ha ha ha ha I… I hate bad guys who are hypocritical like you Keep our agreement in your mind Get away from me Don’t affect my mood for gambling Ha ha ha … How You know you can’t win me So you find a beauty girl for me Do you want to use beauty tricks?

Ah? Should I turn your trick to your own use? It seems that you have done a lot of research on Chinese calligraphy But I think Do you know what your best strategy is now? Please give me some advice Out of thirty-six plans, the best is to get away at once I afraid that if you leave lately You have no chance to go back to your country Shit! Ha ha ha …

Your Chinese girl’s mouth is really fierce Okay Let me see Your Chinese girl’s gamble skills You’ll know in a minute Please According to International Gambling Rules, Will you check the cards? No need Ha ha ha … In China There is a saying A man’s hat in his hand never does him any harm You don’t check the cards Don’t say I bullied you I like to do that it’s none of your business Yuck I hate Japanese the most When I see Japanese I feel sick Deal Heart 9 speaks,please Ha ha ha ha My favorite number is 6 There is an idiom in China Everything goes smoothly with double 6 Six million Don’t learn our Chinese idioms Without culture Today I’ll teach you another idiom It’s “When all is said and done” I hope you Will be a new man in the future 6 million, right? I follow Another 90 million Ha ha ha ha … Beauty girl It’s only ten minutes Don’t be so anxious I’m not playing Deal Heart 10 speaks, please Well, I Don’t like messy I’ll show hand this round Uh-oh Beauty Not follow You can’t buy 5 yuan Hongta Mountain smoke for me any more Don’t blame me You should blame yourself For following the bad man Can you play cards?

Show hand in every round You’ve seen too many movies? I can play as I like If you are unconvinced You can go home right now I’ve told you at the beginning Out of thirty-six plans, the best is to get away at once You I think she’s procrastinating Want to win me by this means A flower girl is a flower girl You’re so young Deal Heart A speaks It goes without saying anything this round Show hand Ha ha ha A Heart A can makes you Showing hand The victory or defeat is in one round I follow Deal You will lost only with a progression Flower girl Ha ha ha ha Three A Don’t you bring me the forth one? Show off eloquence like you I may have a flush Deal Ha ha ha ha There is a saying in China It’s “opponents always meet” Heart A meets progression Only in this round Showdown How?

What’s kind of card? Not showdown? Do you dare not showdown? Ha ha ha … She dare not I dare Aren Aren Beauty Aren Aren’t you dead? Why am I still alive?

Aren brother have a smoke You’ve been working very hard Thank you You’ve worked hard Aren brother I wish you a happy voyage Mind how you go Aren brother have a happy voyage See you Ha ha ha ha Why? Why? For money You can do anything But what you can’t imagine is People under your control Are more greedy than you Ah That’s impossible I…im…impossible That’s impossible That’s impossible This is “the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked” Shit I’m not here to hear your story Hurry up and open the cards I’ll talk with you later Beauty I thought I would never see you again Sit down Hey Open the cards Darling Let’s open together Ah Yeah We win! How can it be BLACK JACK That’s impossible BLACK JACK BLACK JACK is mine Fuck fuck You are the flush at most She has four A Of course, she wins I’ve seen you badly for a long time Idiot Go back to Japan Shit I’ll go back right now Ah, where’s Meizi?

Meizi Meizi I’ll go back again Meizi Oh Beauty The private affair is over I still have business to deal with How You are angry for my survive There are still another matter making you angry At the beginning of your gambling I’ve taken my colleagues Find out all the drugs in your underground warehouse Those drug traffickers Oh And Ghost guy I guess you should forget your dinner How about come back to the police station with me for afternoon tea Crouch down and hold your head in both hands You gave me away Shit, I don’t know Why aren’t you dead yet? You two know each other? You what you? You squatted down too Quickly Want to know why I’m not dead? It’s easy Back to the police station, I’ll tell you in detail Don’t worry You’ll have a lot of time in the future Take away Don’t touch me Don’t move I’ve made a wholesale arrests of you And now They are having afternoon tea at the police station They are waiting for you The more the merrier Isn’t it?

Ah That’s impossible That’s impossible You Wh..What are you doing? You are under arrest That’s impossible Rawr If you have anything, Go back to the police station and say Go That’s impossible I really don’t think I can see you again Fool I am okay now Hey How many times I’ve teach you to change the last A? Why can’t you learn it? I thought you had an accident I have no mind to change A Okay, okay Show love Die fast Everyone is so happy today.

How about I invite you to a big meal? Good, good Aren Let’s go together Okay Old rules Eating, shopping and watching movie Yeah What would you like to eat? I want Garlic cooked bacon Ha? Shall we call Pork Rong? Wonderful!