Online Casino Myths That You Thought Are True

There are many different myths about online casinos. Those who believe in them, afraid to play online and thus miss all the fun and money winning opportunities from the comfort of their own homes. Because people should have fun and even win money, it’s time to clear the air and break some common misconceptions and myths about online casinos. If you’re watching this video, then we guess there is a part of you that wants to play online casinos, so if you still have some doubts, this video will help understand and learn all that is not true, all that is just a myth.

No.1: All the Games Are Fixed

This is probably the most common online casino myth. It’s simply something people who are against online gambling keep stating as a matter of principle, and they don’t exactly have a balanced view. It’s also something that many players have said or thought at one time or another though, but usually just after they’ve experienced a run of bad luck and are annoyed. After calming down and thinking about it rationally, those same people later realize that this is simply not true.

If they really believed in this myth, they wouldn’t have played online casino in the first place it’s just coming from a place of frustration of a losing player. Online casinos have no need to fix the games because some games already have the advantage of the house edge, which gives them an advantage over the player. That is why we here at avalon free spins no deposit casino share the strategies and tips with you how to lower the house’s edge to your advantage.

Online casinos won’t cheat and scam their players, because with their edge (and players who don’t play according to the right strategies), they can win perfectly fair and still make a profit. An honest casino is actually likely to make far more money in the long run than a dishonest one, as by gaining a reputation as a safe and fair place to play they’ll attract a lot more customers. Of-course if you play right (as we show on our videos), you can win too. Online casinos ensure that their games are fair by using a type of computer program called RNG, which produces completely random numbers following no specific pattern.

No.2: Winners Don’t Get Paid

Another online casino myth that is heard a lot, as some people really believe that online casinos simply refuse to out when someone does win.

Sure, there have been occasions when rogue casinos have refused to pay for no good reason, but let’s just say that players are not always the innocent party in this case, as some tried to scam the casinos themselves, and simply got caught. Most of the times we’ve heard about a casino not paying out, the players involved have broken the terms and conditions in some way. The belief that winners don’t get paid is just flat out wrong. The vast majority of online casinos pay their winners out without hesitation.

Only in some rare cases when players don’t get paid, it’s because there’s a good reason for that. If you play at reputable and trustworthy casino like avalon free spins no deposit and follow the rules, you have nothing to worry about and you’re sure to be paid out when you win, and you will.

No.3: Playing Online is More Addictive

You should know that online casinos take the matter of gambling addiction and gambling problems really seriously. Most online casinos have strict policies in place for dealing with problem gamblers, or those that they suspect of having a problem, and they do what they can to help prevent people from becoming addicted.

Online casinos are not more addictive, as people who really have gambling problems will find other ways to blow away all their money, whether online or at real life. Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction conducted research into this very matter, and one of their main findings was that only a very small minority of online players exhibited “intense gambling behavior that far exceeded the rest of the sample.” One of their conclusions based on their research was that “instances of gambling addiction have remained constant for the last 35 years, despite the increased accessibility online casinos offer.”

No.4: Only Lonely People Play Online

That’s a weird myth, yet some believe it. Going to a land based casino with a group of friends is obviously more sociable than playing online. But, even going all by your own can still be a lot of fun, as you’ll still get to talk to other people and socialize during play. However, the idea that only lonely people play online is simply nonsense.

It’s a bit like saying that only lonely people use the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re lonely or not, if you want to play online casinos and have fun, go for it, play and get your avalon free spins no deposit money. Most people that play online do so simply because it’s a form of entertainment that they enjoy spending time and money on. It’s very convenient and an easy way to have a lot of fun, and of course it also offers the opportunity to win some money.

So, who cares if you do it alone of with friends and family? Just play, enjoy your time and have fun. No.5: Online Casino Bonuses Are a Scam All the bonuses and rewards that online casinos offer are one of the biggest advantages of gambling and playing online.

Yet, some people refuse to accept that a casino would simply give money away. So, they just assume that these avalon free spins no deposit bonuses must be some kind of a scam. Nothing could be further from the truth. Online casinos are not trying to trick you nor rip you off.

Quite the opposite in fact. They offer all their free cash and bonuses in order to attract new customers and keep their existing ones happy. It’s a competitive marketplace, so they have to do everything they can to get people playing with them. That is why you’ll always enjoy new and exciting bonuses when you play online casinos, because they add more and more bonuses all the time and even improve them to new and existing players.

No.6: You Lose Quicker Playing With a Bonus

This is really just an extension of the previous myth. If you lost more quickly when playing with an avalon free spins no deposit bonus, then the problem is with your playing style and not the casino. After all, you are the one who decides how much time to play and for how much money, or bonus money.

We’ve covered prior in this video, that online casinos don’t fix their games and that they can fairly and easily profit from gamblers who don’t play using specific strategies and just come to play, gamble and have fun (as opposed to those who come to win some money). There is absolutely no basis in fact to this myth at all. It probably originated from players who had a few runs of bad luck when playing with bonuses, and then put two and two together to make five. There are many people who have won money using bonus funds and continued to play and profit in online casinos, so we can say for sure, that this statement is just a one big myth myth that is not close to the truth.

No.7: Roulette Wheels Are Biased

A century ago when roulette wheels were made by hand, there’s no doubt that physical imperfections prevented games from being completely random. But in 2018, the roulette wheels are inspected and certified regularly. You see, Roulette is the ultimate game of chance. If you play online where the ball lands is the result of an advanced random number generation algorithm that we’ve mentioned earlier in this video, remember RNG.

That means that the ball ball has an equal chance of landing anywhere on the wheel regardless of where it landed on the previous spin.

No.8: You Have to be Lucky to Win Luck doesn’t actually exist.

How you perform at the slots or tables is simply the result of chance. You need to know the mathematical probabilities behind each game, but the outcome depends on nothing other than how the odds play out. There are games which rely more on luck like the slots and roulette, while other games like Blackjack and poker are games of skill where your winning odds are even higher. You might call that luck, but it’s all about mathematics that will even itself out over time, disciplined playing style and proper bankroll management.

No.9: You Can Be Due For a Win

It doesn’t matter if you play online casino or land-based casino, every result is independent of what happened before. Many people and gamblers assume that their cold slot machine will turn hot to restore some sort of natural order. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you have a 33% chance of winning a hand, you shouldn’t assume that after losing two hands in a row that you’ll automatically win on the third hand.

Of course, this works both ways in that what passes for a hot streak is automatically extinguished. No.10: You Can Increase Your Chances of Winning If You Cash Out After Each Win Well, after establishing that online casinos do pay out to winning players, here’s another myth on the same subject.

This myth is based on a few false assumptions working together.

1. It assumes that so-called hot streaks are always followed by cold streaks. we’ve already showed that in reality results a random overtime.

2. This myth also assumes that you’ll be treated as a new player with a clean slate if you depart and return.

In reality, every avalon free spin no deposit and hand in a game of chance is 100% random and independent of what happened before, and that’s maybe the most important thing to know and remember. In Conclusion Many people enjoy playing at online casinos and most of them have very positive experiences, win or lose, as they come in a good mood and enjoy the ever growing and improving online casinos. They play with complete confidence that they are not being cheated, that they will get paid if they win and that they are not destined to get addicted, playing responsibly. On the other hand, there are those who have no interest in playing at online casinos, and that’s fine too, just don’t let these people have you believe in false stories and myths which are not based whatsoever. There are also those who like the idea of playing online but are put off because they have heard some of the myths we went over through in this video.

But, after watching this video, you now know better. Use the right casinos, playing with the right strategy for the game and your personality, come with a plan, a specific bankroll you can play for (and even lose) and this way when you’re free of worries, you’ll experience pure fun, joy and even may win some money. Remember, that it is all up to you and that you should play out of your own free will.

Play responsibly and don’t risk what you can’t lose. Then, and only then, you will have fun playing. Thank you for watching, enjoy our channel with more videos, tips and strategies on how to beat the casino both live and online and don’t forget to like share and comment on our videos. Also, check our amazing promotions waiting just for you in the description section below, for free cash, no deposit bonuses and other great promotions you can claim right now on the leading casino rooms online. Have a great day and go start your practicing.