Yo what’s up everybody! I’m Myth here on gaming with Marshmellow and today we’re gonna be playing some Fortnite and doing the blindfolded challenge Blindfold please There you go. May I put this on you?

Alright Oh okay Well, it’s not my fault you got a big head, okay? Alright, where’s the TV point. Oh perfect actually. You’re legend. Yes Yes, that’s a-. Yes.

control right there. Play it up So the button on the top triangle, you can’t really see it then lovely. So I see you’ve- you’ve gotten the trophies surrounded by here make you feel good. Alright, listen, I’m gonna give you the- I’m gonna be your eyes You’re actually gonna- You’re gonna get mad kills this game possibly Believing me? Okay, I see the thing. I- We didn’t do the trust fall before so this is why this is happening.

There’s not tric- Perfect, lovely. Alright. Good.

Good. We got one tree. Let’s get it. High-five Do you look to your left real quick?

Like in game Okay, there’s an issue. You don’t have a weapon Sh- I- I’ll take responsibility for this but we’re gonna go get one now. So let’s go ahead and go straight. Turn to the right Go straight again.

We’re gonna get up this ramp. It doesn’t matter. We’re gonna do it.

Go- Go to the right, turn right Alright, perfect. Go straight, so- oh oh FATALITY I might to misguided you to somebody or he found us. Listening he found us, we didn’t find him He took us out but ah do you mind if I could get a run this full spinning? Mello, that’s my mouth Oh, Do I look pretty? Oh, there you go Suddenly dark, I feel like I’m you now You know your hands are so… soft. Does anybody tell you that?

-Aha honey- Okay, listen we have to find a way to communicate us. I’m on the ground Jo jo jo okay, so I’m in the battle bus Okay, should I drop now? Lovely I like this Team bonding experience going on bro. What? You just slap my hand. Oh, oh, yeah?

Okay, no. Yes? Double tapping on my right shoulder. Uh uh I need to look up?

Oh hahahaha, it is such a good look? Down a bit? Okay, lovely and now run. Tell me, do I run? Okay. Are we in danger?

No, oh ok look like we can chill then. This have me scared for a second. What is that? WHAT? There’s somebody running toward us. Is that?

Listen, we can’t use two forms of communication because it does confuses me And now you’re snapping your fingers. And now you’re snapp-. This isn’t a Poetry Club Mello, where am I currently placed?

Over top 20. Wow, we’re doing it good. Okay, I like it Okay, that’s a big- that’s a big yes.

Okay, going forward lovely Oh my head brother We’re moving, right? We save? Okay, cuz he seemed a bit- You seem like- You seemed like you’re worried there for a quick second Ah I can’t tell.

We’re in the circle, right? Ohhh we are going good Mello, I know you’re directing me and everything but we have a gun? K.O Oh, That’s a big no. Okay, it’s fine Did we just die? Uh, Top six?

Don’t bad at all. Let’s get it Two shared. And ah thank you guys so much for watching. Alright, we’ll see you next time