Slots Machines History

In 1891, the source of the history of slot machines was designed in New York by Pitt and Sittman that had five drums that would pomp poker hands. It had no payback machinery, so the places in New York that bought them paid in prizes of their own, generally speaking free drinks. Online Slots machines would not appear for another century. Then came Charles Fey. He made the slot, the Liberty Bell, in his basement. The slot machines didn’t get widespread until years later when they were put in the Flamingo Hilton hotel in the Las Vegas.

Fey’s slot machine was an odd thing than anything made today. It was 100 pounds of fling iron, and lacked the fruit symbols nowadays associated with slots. Instead it had a star, horseshoes, and suits from playing cards, like diamonds and spades. The Liberty Bell gave a fifty cent payout to winners, which was a big win on that day. The Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno had the very first Liberty Bell designed by Fey. The company is owned by his grandchildren, who continue Fey’s legacy in the history of slot machines.

Then Fey made the Operator Bell Slot machine. This slot features the fruits’ design, and became the example for slot machines aesthetics. The future of slot machines was changed forever. As anti-slot machine sentiments began to grow, Fey had to be clever, and he designed slots machines to work like vending machines. This would later be to the bane of owners of vending machines, as the following often confused the two, and capitalized upon this when they needed right press. The Bell-Fruit Gum Company, who is reputed to have stolen a slot machine from Fey, were the foremost to mass produce machines that dispensed gum for every in order to mask the nature of slots machines. This is where the BAR trade mark comes from. It was an act to market their gum.

The anti-gambling campaign, piggybacked on the temperance tendency proved to be trouble for Fey. Slot machines became illegal in San Francisco in 1909 and in Nevada a year later.. By 1911, they were banned by the government of California. By the thirties, it was politically famous to be anti-gambling, and especially anti-slot machines. Most of the machines weren’t really slot machines, and were nothing more than ordinary vending machines. The town had confiscated many vending machines to score a public relations coup. It was a disastrous day in the history of slot machines.

Until 60’s Bally made guaranteed the slots of Las Vegas did. Slot machine history evolved as Bally overcame the vulnerability of the machine-made slots by making electronic ones. Electronic machines were much safer than old mechanical and while not ideal, were much harder to cheat on. They became much more widespread in the casino floors, and were less and less associated as novelties. Electric bells, and motorized money hoppers became customary during this interval. Now there were various different Slot Vehicle types.

The seventies brought another revolution as companies began using microchips and random number generators to influence the spin of the reels. As the microchip advanced, so did slots. By the 80’s, all the casinos went to microchip-powered slots, and casinos tighter profits as the machines were infinitely more low-cost, and the history of slot machines continues on. These advances allowed the porting of unwritten law’ to online slots also.

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