Who Plays Video Poker?

If you gotta ask this question, you ain’t been in a casino for some time. The machines are packed, and for good reason: video poker is a good game to play and an easy one at that. But before you start packing for a trip to the casinos and before you auction off your wife to get a stake, read the next paragraph.

The casinos resort to the computer geniuses to provide that rotten chip in the machines that regulate just what kind of a pay- out you will receive. This way, the randomness is reduced to a percentage return that guarantees the casino a nice profit, even on the days the machine kicks off a seldom seen royal flush.

We’ve already said enough about the “chip in the machines,” so once you realize you ain’t gonna get a realistic shot at picking up four royals in a row, you can deal with the drawbacks. It s still a decent game to play, especially because you have the ability to adjust your bets, according to the cold or hot trends that show up at each machine. These methods will be covered in the Money Management part. For now, understand that video poker is not a great game, but surely not a rotten one. I’d put it in the OK category if you follow money management moves.

To get back to the original question, the answer is a lot of people run to these video poker machines, because of the allure of the big hit. Next time you’re in a casino, check out the people who play the slots and poker machines. A high percentage of these people are senior citizens, who flock to these bandits because:

  • They never took the time to learn table games.
  • They are intimidated by the table games.
  • They think they don’t bother anyone at their own sepa rate machines.
  • They have hope for the quick, big hit.

All of these reasons are true, and if you play the machines, you’ll find yourself in one of those listings. That is not a knock on you, but an explanation as to why people flock to these machines.

In the next chapter I break down these four reasons, but don’t get discouraged. My intent is not to get you to quit the video poker machines, but to show you how to utilize them. A lot of people play video poker-some stupidly-but we’ll correct that. There is a proper way to bet these babies.