Why People Play Video Poker

Lets put down the four reasons again, why people play video poker:

  • They never took the time to learn table games.
  • They are intimidated by the table games.
  • They think they don’t bother anyone at their own sepa rate machines.
  • They have hope for the quick, big hit.

Yeah, I know it’s the same four things I said in the previous chapter but that’s because these are the reasons people play the machines, and I wanna make sure you remember them.

1. Start with number 1 and it comes under the heading of laziness. Gambling has exploded in this country, and people think the casinos will change their lives, but they are too lazy to learn the games (craps, poker, Pai Gow, and baccarat) that offer you a decent shot at winning. They say it’s too late to learn those games.

Those people are full of beans. If you wanna learn the games that give you a fairer shot it’s not too late. Get off your lazy butt.

  • Intimidation: aha, this is the biggie. A lot of people are just too scared by the noise and bustle at the craps table to learn how to play. They fear the piercing eyes and cold demeanor of the poker table and the high minimums at Pai Gow, too much to even look into those games. They think baccarat is only for the well heeled, polished Asians who flock to those tables. They’re all wet on all these as sumptions. There is nothing to be intimidated about. You’ll get another chapter on Intimidation in the last sec tion.
  • Number 3 means simply that the slot and video poker player seeks the privacy of playing at machines where no one really notices what they are doing. They have the stu pid idea that if they went to a table game and made a mis take (in the eyes of the other players), they would be yelled at. Wrong! The table game players are filled with dorks who only act like they know what they’re doing. They have no clue about money management.
  • All of the slot and video poker machines have messages to try to entice you to “go for the big jackpot.” People see that and think this “big hit” will be their financial salva tion. You’ll blow a lot of coins with that thinking. Learn how to really gamble: accept small returns!

OK, we’ve gone over the reasons to play the machines and none of them are valid. Don’t think I am condemning your play, just letting you know why you do play them. My intent is to show you how to play them, because it’s obvious why you do.