World Series of Poker Experience

Here I start my journey to WSOP You know, when you get on a plane, you hope that there won’t be anyone nearby or at least a sweet granny who you can talk with about politics Look what we’ve got here. This is my water and this is, of course, champagne. Because I’ve got this companion Can’t escape him anywhere Why do you fly to LA? We’ll discuss it later Yeah, tell me that you also can play cards Salt Lake city was the first place I visited in USA in 2002 Healthy nutrition. You should drink lots of water while flying How much wine have you drunk? Got no idea.

But i’m not drunk at all. Zero effect Two, three bottles? I don’t know, they kept on filling my glass. Remember, you should drink water, not wine.

Otherwise you’ll get blimped. Look at me, I’m about 84 kg at max, and here’s Zaya, easily about 128 kg. I’ve lost some weight, by the way I mean you’ve been like me when we took off. Just like me. And now you are twice bigger.

12 hours flying and we’ve landed. We are in Los Angeles, checked through customs with the speed of light. They gave us these things. Now we wait for our luggage. So. to change to American Airlines, we need to get out on the street.

Here’s my dear Tom Bradley Airport. Very intense traffic here. And now we are going to look for American Airlines. No biggie, I’ve got 2 whole hours before the connection. I temporarily parted with friends.

Will see them soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow in dear Rio. You do everything here by yourself with the help of these terminals. You need to check-in exactly here.

I entered all my personal information, got the bagtag, paid for additional luggage and gonna replace the old bagtag with a new one. Here we are, Vegas. It’s easy to identify it, because it’s the only city, at least where I’ve been, with slots right in front of the exit gate. What do we see right near luggage claim? Of course, you can also play slots here. So, I left home at 10 am and arrived to Rio at 8 pm.

If we add around 10 hours, then it results in… about 20 and a half hours on the way here. Totally worth it! Hooray. Here I am in the capital of poker for this summer. My dear Rio right behind my back, and I’m gonna settle in. My old, familiar and lovely friend.

This is my 5th visit here. I’ve rented a house twice, and now I’m staying in Rio for the second time in a row. This is the basic reception.

But I’m ‘diamond’ and gonna check-in on a special one. Okay, I’ve got my statutory ‘diamond’ card and the key. Now we can move on. Seems like I’ll show my room tomorrow, because I couldn’t find the tumbler.

Too dark here. Like in a red man’s hut (Russian saying). Really, no tumbler to be found. Maybe will find tomorrow. Okay, guys, it’s my first day, arrived at 9 pm and left home, as I already said, at 10 am (MSK). And it’s about…7 am in Moscow now, so it’s 21 hours on the road!

Let’s hope it wasn’t for nothing! Okay, I found it at south african online casino deposit with entropay.

This is for TV. Here we’ve got the zapper and different magazines. They are mostly promotional. A mirror, bottle of water, bed Repin’s picture. ‘Siberian Heaths’ to be precise. Alright… No, we won’t go to CHIPPENDALES.

No wine drinking… What else do they propose. Some bums… Okay, shows only. And again CHIPPENDALES. I won’t be able to participate there in my age. What do we have outside the window.

Let’s take a look. Las Vegas as is. A simple night shining city. I will certainly pick a day to get to Strip, where the things are humming At the moment it’s quite outside.

I scarcely had time to settle in till it’s time to register in Colossus, because each day there are 3000 people playing. If I come tomorrow, I won’t register even with diamond card. My first morning.

Woke up at 06:00, even though I went to bed late. Yes, it’s jetlag, but I still feel alright. Nice weather here, fresh air and 26 C outside.

I’ve got time to have breakfast and thank got gym opens at 6 am! So, I’m going to Starbucks, have a meal and then hit the gym. At 10 am starts my grind in Colossus with $565 buy-in. My breakfast.

Oatmeal, lemon yoghurt, little nothings, tea. Not that cheap, I would say. Very unusual. It’s almost empty here. Only some tracks are occupied. So, here we start our training.

Let’s start with barbell. Okay, I am going to my first tournament, $565 Colossus and I am not alone. Play starts in 3 minutes, people move quickly to Amazon, Brasilia and other halls… You can feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday.

My table. Everyone is a rec. Chris Ferguson. Ex-owner of Full Tilt Poker, partially responsible for ‘Black Friday’ My first two tournaments are over.

I survived in Colossus for 3 hours and in Mixed-Draw I played for two days. It was going fine, I was really close, only three 6-max tables left, 14 players behind my back. And I got this ticket 15th place, $6000… Not bad for a start. Of course it could’ve been better. You always want to go deeper, when you are close to the final table, because it’s 6k for the 15th place and 130k for the 1st. All in all, it’s not a bad start of the series.

I got in the money, I feel the game, I’m satisfied with my level — I played sharply and well. Maybe there were some technical difficulties, for instance, I’ve never played 2-5 triple draw, or a long time ago to be precise. But in general i rate my game 4+ out of 5.

There were very subtle moments where I could’ve probably played better, but they were not impactful. On the whole, my spirit is high. We root for Jesse Martin and James Obst here.

And there behind my back is the scene of the main TV table. November niners will play there. And the finalists of the $111k High Roller tomorrow. ElkY is crushing it. Very interesting. Btw, I played at this TV table twice last year, and at this small one nearby.

Let me show you second featured table, it’s not for streaming. My first goal is to get through to the small one, and then to the big one. You see these chairs? I’ve got the same at home.

So, let’s hope for the best!